Burlington Mundialization Committee

Mundialization, what is it?

The definition of mundialization is the act of a city or local authority declaring itself a “world citizen” and being aware of global issues with a sense of shared rights and responsibility. The word itself stems from the Latin word “mundus” which means “world”. The concept involves the twinning of cities from around the world, in the belief that peaceful cooperation depends on mutual trust and appreciation among peoples of different nations, races, cultures and systems. Mundialization encourages citizen connections as a way of fostering world peace and global understanding.

Who We Are

The Mundialization Committee is comprised of 15 volunteers from the community at large, 1 member of Council and is assisted by City staff. Established in 1984 the Burlington Mundialization Committee is a citizen committee reporting to City Council through the Community and Corporate Services Committee.


To promote the City of Burlington as “A World Community” dedicated to the United Nations philosophy of peaceful co-operation among the peoples of the world and encourage community understanding of different cultures and global issues by:

- maintaining our twin city relationships in accordance with the agreements
- promote activities that celebrate our similarities and respect our differences
- organize a celebration of the United Nations Day each year around October 24th
- provide advice and assist on twin city relationships to Burlington City Council
- develop achievable annual action plans with the assistance of City Staff
- present an annual report to Burlington City Council with assistance of City Staff

Twinning Cities

Twinning is now embraced by over 1000 communities in many countries of the world striving to promote peace through international understanding and seeing themselves as part of one interlocking and mutually dependant world community.

In 1984, a Mundialization Committee of volunteer citizens was formed in Burlington to pursue twinning with another country.  A bylaw was passed in 1985 to declare Burlington a "World Community" dedicated to international co-operation: i.e. Mundialized and that the City of Burlington, as part of its Mundialization program, proceed: (a) to undertake a twinning program with a municipality in another country, and (b) to fly the United Nations flag with the Canadian flag from City Hall at all times. 

On May 12, 1989, Mayor Bird signed a twinning agreement with Mayor Kurihara of Itabashi Japan.

On May 6, 2005, Mayor Mac Isaac signed a twinning agreement with Mayor de Graaf of Apeldoorn The Netherlands.


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Itabashi 25 Burlington 


25th Twinning Anniversary between
Burlington and Itabashi, Japan
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Contact Information

Lisa Palermo, Committee Clerk
Phone: 905 335-7600 x7492
Fax: 905 335-7675
E-mail: lisa.palermo@burlington.ca