CCS - October 25, 2005

NOTE: Only items listed in the agenda and that require links are repeated below. Reference should always be made to the agenda at the top of this page.

All documents are in pdf format and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader be installed on your pc.  Agendas, minutes and reports from previous years can be found in the City's Meeting Calendar.

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  • CC-178-05 Report concerning Committee of Adjustment remuneration (CL-28/05, October 13, 2005). 
  • CC-179-05 Report regarding Mayor and Council economic adjustment (HR-9/05, October 3, 2005).
  • CC-180-05 Report concerning the 2005 Christmas Parade road closures (TT-39/05, October 6, 2005).
  • CC-181-05 Memorandum dated October 14, 2005 from Kim Phillips, City Clerk, concerning correspondence from the Region of Halton regarding a request for Council approval of the contribution from the City of Burlington toward replenishing the Spills Response Emergency Reserve Fund.
  • CC-183-05 Report concerning an update on the operation of Velocity to September 2005 and an outline of future directions contained in an updated Business Plan (PR-46/05, September 22, 2005).
  • CC-184-05 Report concerning an assessment of the implementation of the Zero Tolerance Policy  (PR-37/05, September 29, 2005).  CC-185-05 Report concerning request to remove Black Walnut Tree at 2141 Caroline Street  (RPM-13/05, October 12, 2005).      
  • CC-186-05 Report recommending an updated Records Retention By-Law  (CL-29/05, October 13, 2005).  
  • CC-187-05 Report proposing the 2006 schedule of Standing Committee and Council Meetings as well as the seasonal closing of City of Burlington administrative offices (CL-33/05, October 12, 2005).  
  • CC-188-05 Report providing a response to Council’s direction regarding clarification of confidential matters for consideration and proposing a new In Camera Policy and staff protocol (CL-23/05, August 25, 2005).

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