CCS - November 15, 2005

NOTE: Only items listed in the agenda and that require links are repeated below. Reference should always be made to the agenda at the top of this page.

All documents are in pdf format and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader be installed on your pc.  Agendas, minutes and reports from previous years can be found in the City's Meeting Calendar.

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  • CC-190-05 Report recommending approval of a Temporary Borrowing By-Law  (F-53/05 )
  • CC-191-05 Report recommending approval of the extension of the Regional Roads Maintenance Agreement between the City of Burlington and the Region of Halton (RPM-9/05 )
  • CC-192-05 Report presenting Council resolution regarding Bill 206, An Act to Revise the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System Act (HR-10-05
  • CC-193-05 Report regarding a Municipal Funding Agreement with the Association of Municipalities of Ontario regarding the Transfer of Federal Gas Tax Revenues (F-51/05 ).
  • CC-195-05 Report regarding the Draft Cultural Strategy for the City of Burlington (PR-50/05)
  • CC-196-05 Report providing an update regarding the Art in Public Spaces Program (PR-55/05)
  • CC-197-05 Report recommending implementation of the Master Signage Strategy (CorpCom-05/05)
  • CC-198-05 Report presenting the 2006 Accessibility Plan (CL-32/05)
  • CC-199-05 Report recommending a new policy for City employees and members of Council during a municipal election year (CL-34/05)
  • CC-200-05 Report recommending the mandate for and appointments to the Performing Arts Centre Fundraising Cabinet, and a contract Capital Campaign Coordinator (PR-63/05)
  • CC-201-05 Report providing an update on the use of pesticides in the City of Burlington (CorpServ-15/05)
  • CC-202-05 Report requesting approval of the 2005 MTO Transit Capital Renewal Subsidy (TT-29/05)
  • CC-203-05 Report requesting endorsement of a protocol for City staff when advising Council of Burlington Hydro Electric Inc. merger, sale or acquisition proposals (L-27/05)


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