CCS - December 6, 2005

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  • CC-209-05 Report concerning Capital Project Closures / Variances  (F-56/05).

  • CC-210-05 Report recommending write-off of unearned taxes under Section 357/358 of the Municipal Act, 2001 as amended (F-55/05).     
  • CC-211-05 Correspondence dated October 21, 2005, from W. Glen Cawker, 20 Jamieson Drive, Caledonia,  N3W 2K6, concerning a request for the City to allow free parking for Canadian Veterans who have designated ‘Veteran’ Automobile Licence plates, for the remainder of 2005 – The Year of the Veteran.
  • CC-212-05 Information report providing an update and response to Committee concerning removal of graffiti within City parks  (RPM-15/05).
  • CC-213-05 Information report concerning the findings of a six-month follow-up study on vehicle speed and volume on Unsworth Avenue (TT-44/05).
  • CC-214-05 Report recommending an update to Corporate Communications Policies  (CorpCom-6/05).
  • CC-215-05 Memorandum dated November 25, 2005, from Steve Zorbas, City Treasurer, concerning F-51/05 Federal Gas Tax Funding Agreement with Association of Municipalities of Ontario.
  • CC-216-05 Correspondence dated November 25, 2005, from Jeremy Heatley, Chair of the Burlington Accessibility Advisory Committee, 4148 Bianca Forest Drive, Burlington, L7M 4L5 concerning the BAAC Annual Report. 
  • CC-217-05 Report outlining the development process, guiding principles, highlights and next steps concerning the Parks and Recreation Department’s Proposed Business Strategy 2005-2010 (PR-53/05).     
  • CC-218-05 Report recommending a draft concept plan for the new City Park, which will be used for public consultation and review with the Niagara Escarpment Commission (PR-60/05).            
  • CC-219-05 Report requesting authorization to negotiate an additional one-year extension to the current fitness services contract that is in place between Cedar Springs Health, Racquet and Sports Club and the City (PR-49/05).
  • CC-220-05-1 Report recommending 2005 Fire Department vehicle replacement purchase (BFD-6/05).
  • CC-221-05 Report providing a staff evaluation of the lane configuration on Lakeshore Road between Maple Avenue and Brant Street (TT-34/05).

  • CC-222-05 Report providing an update of the GTA Fare Integration System (GFIS) Project  (TT-45/05).
  • CC-223-05 Report outlining the process for the disposition of the General Brock High School site (PR-61/05). 


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CC-223-05 Report presenting a number of parkland options for the dedication/acquisition of parkland at the General Brock High School site and the process to review these options through a public open house (PR-61/05, November 21, 2005).                                 

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