CCS - January 17, 2006

NOTE: Only items listed in the agenda and that require links are repeated below. Reference should always be made to the agenda at the top of this page.

All documents are in pdf format and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader be installed on your pc.  Agendas, minutes and reports from previous years can be found in the City's Meeting Calendar.

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  • CC-1-06-1 Report recommending the selection of new members for the Tansley Woods Board (PR-3/06, December 7, 2005).     
  • CC-2-06 Report updating the status of forestry-related initiatives currently underway, and outlining significant budget pressures within the forestry program (RPM-1/06, January 5, 2006).
  • CC-3-06 Report providing a summary and evaluation of the 2005 Outdoor Festival & Events program, along with an update of the Special Events Team workplan and initiatives (PR-5/06, December 12, 2005).
  • CC-4-06 Report outlining a fiscal impact model as it relates to residential greenfield build out and beyond (F-8/06, December 22, 2005).                          
  • CC-5-06 Report outlining the Burlington Hydro Incorporated Business Plans (F-9/06, December 30, 2005).             


  • CC-6-06 Correspondence dated December 15, 2005, from Jane Ball, concerning a presentation regarding an update on the Bay Area Learning Centre’s activities and its impact on the community.                            


  • CC-7-06 Report outlining the Quinte Street Neighbourhood Traffic Management Plan (TT-1/06, January 2, 2006).
  • CC-8-06 Report recommending approval of the Downtown Waterfront Naming Program which encompass the visual identity and naming program for the downtown waterfront (COMSERV-1/06, January 2, 2006).


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  • CC-12-06 Report recommending a by-law which provides for the levy of interim taxes for the 2006 taxation year as authorized under the authority of the Muncipal Act, 2001 (F-4/06, January 9, 2006).


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