CCS - February 28, 2006

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  • CC-25-06 Report outlining the remuneration and expenses paid to Councillors and appointees to local Boards for the year ended December 31, 2005 (F-14/06, February 10, 2006).             
  • CC-26-06 Report providing information regarding the 2006 current value reassessment and associated tax impacts (F-19/06, February 3, 2006).
  • CC-27-06 Report outlining the financial status of the municipality as of December 31, 2005 (F-15/06, February 10, 2006).        
  • CC-28-06 Report providing an update on the air quality initiatives undertaken by City of Burlington staff in 2005 (CORPSERV-1/06, February 13, 2006).
  • CC-29-06 Report providing an update regarding the development of an anti-litter community awareness program, various operational issues related to litter within the community, and recommending the adoption of a litter control by-law (CORPSERV-2/06, dated February 15, 2006).
  • CC-30-06  Report providing an update on the Brant Street Pier project (E-16/06, February 16, 2006).        

    • Appendix "A" Power Point Slide                                     


  • CC-31-06 Correspondence dated February 15, 2006 from Richard Young, Chair of the Burlington Mundialization Committee, 544 Locust Street, Burlington   L7S 1V5, regarding the Committee’s activities in 2005, and the 2006 work plan.              
  • CC-32-06 Correspondence dated February 15, 2006 from Leslie Waychison, Development Co-ordinator of The Carpenter Hospice, 2250 Parkway Drive, Burlington   L7P 1T1, regarding their presentation on a community donor recognition space.               

  • CC-33-06 Correspondence dated February 17, 2006 from Jane Ann Newson, 149 Fruitland Avenue, Burlington   L7N 1W6, regarding the Heritage Umbrella Group’s annual report.            


  • CC-34-06 Report recommending the removal of 18 trees in Central Park, required for the construction of a new entrance roadway from Drury Lane and the  expansion of the Seniors’ Centre (PR-9/06, January 23, 2006)         
  • CC-35-06 Report providing an update on the Halton District School Board’s Capital Plan for construction of new schools in Halton (PR-2/06, February 1, 2006).               
  • CC-36-06 Report providing information from the Halton District School Board regarding the disposition of the General Brock Surplus School site (PR-13/06, February 1, 2006).
  • CC-37-06 Report outlining the Burlington Performing Arts Centre Capital Campaign Plan, recommending the Burlington Performing Arts Centre Asset Naming Inventory, and providing an update on the project status (PR-4/06, February 7, 2006).

    CC-38-06 Report providing information on the status of various aspects of the Traffic Signal Control System and an update on the status of the Enhanced Traffic Responsive deployment project (TT-09/06, February 7, 2006).
  • CC-40-06 Report outlining staff’s proposal for the 2006 Quality of Services Survey      (CORPSERV-3/06, February 9, 2006).            


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  • CC-39-06-1 Report recommending the award of Request for Proposals (Contract 06-13) for the Design-Build of Kiwanis Arena Addition and Renovation (PR-10/06Attachment (85.4 KB), February 20, 2006).

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