CCS - March 28, 2006

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  • CC-44-06 Report outlining the proposed Master Plan for Emerson Park, addressing comments made by the public and reporting on necessary tree removals  (PR-12/06, January 31, 2006).       
  • CC-45-06 Report recommending approval to increase specific rates and fees for the services provided at Greenwood Cemetery  (RPM-5/06, March 3, 2006).
  • CC-46-06 Report recommending endorsement of Councillor Lougheed’s re-election to the Board of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities  (CL-3/06, March 6, 2006).
  • CC-47-06 Report appointing delegates to attend the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and Association of Municipalities of Ontario Conferences (CL-4/06, March 6, 2006).
  • CC-48-06 Report recommending approval of the 2006 Aldershot Business Community Business Improvement Area proposed budget and resultant Members’ Levy (F-26/06, March 1, 2006).
  • CC-49-06 Report recommending approval of the 2006 Burlington Downtown Business Improvement Area proposed budget and resultant Members’ Levy (F-25/06, March 1, 2006).
  • CC-50-06 Report recommending the write-off of unearned taxes under Section 357/358 of the Municipal Act  (F-20/06, March 8, 2006).

  • CC-51-06 Report summarizing the 2005 Final Current Budget Performance (F-13/06, March 10, 2006). 
  • CC-52-06 Report concerning a request for partial refund of City Development Charges paid on the Burlington Golf and Country Club  (F-23/06, February 13, 2006).


  • CC-53-06-1 Correspondence dated February 23, 2006, from Marc Begin, 211 Old Orchard Road, Burlington  L7T 2G4, concerning the Corkscrew Willow Tree on White Oaks Drive.
  • CC-53-06-2 Report concerning a request for the removal of a mature Corkscrew Willow located in the City road allowance  (RPM-7/06, March 10, 2006).

  • CC-54-06 Correspondence dated March 17, 2006, from Paul Maynard, Wipeout Specialty Cleaning Inc., 754 Francis Road, Burlington  L7T 4A3, concerning the removal of graffiti from City property.                                          


  • CC-55-06 Report recommending acceptance of the Tansley Woods Board’s motion to dissolve, and to formally recognize the Board for its contribution to the community  (PR-15/06, March 3, 2006).
  • CC-56-06-1 Report recommending approval of the City of Burlington 10-Year Cultural Strategy  (PR-11/06, March 3, 2006).
  • CC-56-06-2 Correspondence dated March 12, 2006, from Gail Gray, 3252 Greenbough Crescent, Burlington  L7M 3A6, expressing support for Parks and Recreation Department Report PR-11/06 outlining the Cultural Strategy for the City of Burlington.
  • CC-57-06 Report recommending amendments to the City’s Investment Policy (F-17/06, March 10, 2006).
  • Report presenting the Traffic Management Plan developed by the Royal Drive Neighbourhood Traffic Calming Committee and recommending the installation of a sidewalk on the west side of Royal Drive from Mountainside Drive to Mount Forest Drive  (TT-16/06, March 7, 2006).
  • CC-59-06 Report recommending authorization for the Mayor and City Treasurer to sign the Letter of Agreement between the Province of Ontario and the City of Burlington regarding the Dedicated Gas Tax Funds for Public Transportation Program  (TT-13/06, March 8, 2006).         
  • CC-60-06 Report concerning the use of School Crossing Guards at Special Events  (TT-15/06, March 13, 2006).

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