CCS - April 19, 2006

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Agendas, minutes and reports from previous years can be found in the City's Meeting Calendar.

AGENDAAttachment (25.2 KB)


  • CC-63-06  Report outlining preparation for the November 13, 2006, municipal election in regards to technology, voting dates, times and locations  (CL-7/06, April 6, 2006Attachment (219.5 KB)).
  • CC-64-06 Report recommending the tender award for the Burlington Seniors’ Centre Expansion/Renovation – Contract 06-10  (PR-20/06, March 24, 2006Attachment (81.2 KB)).
  • CC-65-06 Report recommending an amendment to Uniform Traffic By-law 1984-1 to reduce the speed limit on Botanical Drive from 50 km/h to 40 km/h  (TT-21/06, March 31, 2006Attachment (57.1 KB)).
  • CC-66-06 Report concerning a request for partial refund of City Development Charges paid on the Burlington Golf and Country Club  (F-23/06, February 13, 2006Attachment (64.5 KB)).
  • CC-67-06  Report outlining the Winter Control Operation Review  (RPM-4/06, April 5, 2006Attachment (113.3 KB)).      
  • CC-68-06 Report concerning the Downtown Parking Strategy  (TT-20/06, April 3, 2006Attachment (1.2 MB)).             


ADDENDUM    Attachment (17.7 KB)

  • CC-69-06 Report concerning the Waterfront and Downtown Parking Strategy  (TT-22/06, April, 2006Attachment (1 MB)).                                                                  

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