CDC - March 27, 2006

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  • CD-36-06  Report concerning a request by Emery Homes Burlington Limited (Emery Homes) to permit the installation of a sales trailer (PL-7/06, March 1, 2006).
  • CD-37-06 Report recommending approval of a variance to Sign By-law 51-1993 to permit a ground sign with a reduced front yard setback at 5200 Mainway, Rowhedge Construction Ltd. (PL-20/06, February 17, 2006).
  • CD-38-06        Report recommending the assumption of Arlington Heights Subdivision (E-15/06, March 8, 2006).
  • CD-39-06       Report requesting approval of a Standard Pedestrian Crossing Agreement between the City of Burlington and Canadian National Railway Company for the at-grade level pedestrian crossing on Graham’s Lane at CNR HB Mile 31.84 Oakville Subdivision, Burlington, Ontario (E-19/06, March 3, 2006).
  • CD-40-06 Report recommending the prohibition of motor vehicle traffic from  Burloak Drive between Upper Middle Road and the top of bank to Bronte Creek (L-8/06, February 13, 2006).
  • CD-41-06 Report requesting approval for the tender award for Stratheden Drive, Strathallan Avenue, Newbold Drive, Newbold Court and Bruce Street Reconstruction (E-18/06, March 8, 2006).
  • CD-42-06  Report presenting the financing of over expenditures incurred on the Cavendish Drive Area and on the Meadowhill Road and Bevan Drive Area minor reconstruction projects (E-20/06, March 9, 2006).

Discussion of Item:


  • CD-46-06 Report recommending approval of the traffic calming plan for the planned subdivisions of the Alton community (TT-14/06, March 9, 2006).
  • CD-47-06 Report providing information on the costs of producing a scale model or three dimensional map of the downtown (DI-4/06, March 14, 2006).
  • CD-48-06 Report recommending receipt and circulation of the Draft Plains Road Corridor Urban Design Guidelines to the public for comment (PL-12/06, February 27, 2006).  Note:  Appendix to Pl-12-96 

  • CDC Memo Additional items to be considered for the Community Development Committee meeting on Monday, March 27, 2006

    • Memorandum dated March 22, 2006, from Marilyn Lagzdins, Co-ordinator of Development Review, concerning revisions to recommendations made in Planning Department Report PL-9/06

    • Correspondence dated March 17, 2006, from Richard E. Lewis, Development Coordinator, Paletta International Corporation, concerning recommendations made in Planning Department Report PL-19/06

  • CDC Memo #2

    • Memorandum dated March 24, 2006, from Mike Greenlee, Senior Planner, concerning Draft Plan of Subdivision Conditions: Traffic Calming – Traffic Calming Report TT-14/06 (Item CD-46-06) and Planning Department Report PL-19/06 (Item CD-44-06).


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