Audit - May 10, 2006

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AGENDAAttachment (18.5 KB)



  • A-3-06 Report presenting the Auditor’s report from Grant Thornton LLP regarding the audit scope and responsibility of the auditors and management (F-35/06, April 25, 2006Attachment (52.9 KB)).
  • A-4-06 Report recommending that the audited 2005 Financial Report for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2005 be approved and summarized financial information from the report be published in the city’s City Talk publication and posted on the city’s website (F-32/06, April 21, 2006Attachment (65.9 KB)).       
  • A-5-06 Report presenting the Auditor’s letters from Grant Thornton LLP regarding matters relating to the system of internal control with responses from management and staff (F-33/06, April 25, 2006Attachment (53.2 KB)).
  • A-6-06 Report providing an update on the implementation status of internal audit action items (F-30/06, April 21, 2006Attachment (58.1 KB)).
  • A-7-06 Report recommending that the 2006 Internal Audit Program be received and approved as submitted (F-31/06, April 21, 2006Attachment (72.6 KB)). 

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