Parking By-law Enforcement

Our Parking By-Law Enforcement Officers provide enforcement of non-moving traffic violations on City streets. They enforce the 3 Hour Parking Limit on all city streets to promote the safe movement of vehicles, pedestrians and to allow for road maintenance activities. They monitor designated Fire Routes so that they are kept clear for emergency vehicles, as well as designated disabled parking spaces to ensure that vehicles are displaying a valid permit.

3 Hour Parking Limit

Burlington Parking SignThe City of Burlington, along with many other Ontario municipalities, have a 3-Hour parking limit on all streets, unless otherwise posted for the following reasons:

  • To reduce the number of vehicles parked on the road which can contribute to hit-and-run collisions
  • To reduce the safety hazard of children playing around parked vehicles
  • To allow for road maintenance activities as well as snow removal, street cleaning, residential garbage pickup,etc
  • To control the problem of derelict vehicles
  • To encourage clear and uncluttered residential streets and improve traffic flow

Look for signs such this posted at the entrances to the City. Information signs are also posted on arterial and collector roadways throughout the City.

For urgent or emergency requests after hours, please call 905-335-7844, and listen to the voice mail message.

In each instance, please have your vehicle(s) license plate(s) ready when you call. We require a minimum of 24-hours notice.

Please download 3-Hour Parking Exemption (PDF).

All motorists in Burlington are asked to be responsible for their vehicle and park only in permitted areas.

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