Neighbourhood On-Street Parking Program

What does the City have in place now?

The City of Burlington, along with many other Ontario municipalities, has a 3-hour parking limit on all streets, unless otherwise posted. The City of Burlington has maintained this parking limit for the past 20 years. A 3-hour parking limit has been provided for the following reasons:

  • To encourage residents to provide off-street parking for the number of vehicles they own;
  • To reduce the number of vehicles parked on the road which can contribute to fail to remain collisions;
  • To allow for road maintenance activities including road repairs, snow removal, sanding/salting, street cleaning, etc.;
  • To facilitate the weekly collection of residential garbage;
  • To control the problem of derelict vehicles;
  • To improve traffic flow on residential streets; and,
  • To encourage clear and uncluttered residential streets.

The existing 3-hour Parking By-law will still apply on a city-wide basis, excluding specifically the areas that are approved to participate in the NOSPP. The City will continue its current practice of accommodating specific needs of residents.

Parking Services provides exemptions to the 3-hour By-law, for a maximum period of two weeks, for driveway/home repairs and out of town guests. Please call Parking Services at 905-335-7816, Monday to Friday from 8:45 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. to register your exemption (for urgent or emergency requests after hours, please call 905-335-7844, and listen to the voice mail message), you should have your vehicle(s) license plate(s) ready when you call. We require a minimum of 24-hours notice. Permission is granted for up to 15 days per vehicle licence plate per calendar year.

Neighbourhood On-Street Parking Program (NOSPP)

The City does not currently allow on-street parking for longer than 3 hours. A new approach of providing parking on the street in front of residents homes for extended periods of time (either weekends only or 7 days/week, 24 hours/day or overnight from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m.) was approved on a city wide basis by Council on January 15, 2001, amended on May 20, 2003. The NOSPP allows a minimum group of 10 residents (both sides of the street) or an entire street block to apply for extended on-street parking.

The required criteria to qualify for NOSPP are outlined below:

  • Any "parking zone" within the City may apply for extended on-street parking by obtaining a package from Parking Services. A minimum of 75% support must be achieved within the designated parking zone in order to qualify.
  • The variations of extended on-street parking, along with the required criteria that must be achieved in order to qualify are:

    Category 1 - Weekends Only: To allow visitor parking over the weekend, for longer than the standard 3-hour parking limit. Automatically qualify for Weekend Parking if the NOSPP criteria are met, permitted times are between Friday at 6:00 p.m. and Sunday at 12:00 a.m. (midnight).

    Category 2 - 7 days/week, 24hours/day: To accommodate residents who are faced with inadequate off-street parking facilities. Must demonstrate to staff that inadequate off-street parking facilities exist. By definition, the term "inadequate" refers to 1 or less spaces designated for off-street parking.

    Category 3 - Overnight:  To allow overnight parking, from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. daily.  Must demonstrate to staff that inadequate off-street parking facilities exist. By definition, the term "inadequate" refers to 1 or less spaces designated for off-street parking.

NOSPP Guidelines

ImageThe following guidelines must be adhered to when operating a NOSPP:

  • Existing Residential Parking Regulations govern over this program; for example you may not park in a currently posted "No Parking" or "No Stopping" zone or within 3 metres (10') of a fire hydrant;
  • Long term on-street parking will only be permitted on local and collector residential streets;
  • The NOSPP is in effect from January 1st to December 31st, however, no vehicles shall be parked in the designated NOSPP zone during winter control activities. To ensure efficient snow removal, all vehicles must be accommodated off-street until such time the street has been cleared of snow. Under the provisions of Uniform Traffic By-law 1984-1, as amended, any vehicles found to be parked in the designated zone during these activities will be subject to tagging and/or towing of the vehicle(s) at the owner(s) expense
  • Residents must pay the cost to manufacture, install and maintain appropriate signage. A one-time fee of $200 will be charged, which may be apportioned amongst participants. This fee must be received prior to the City issuing the work order to have the signs installed. The City will be responsible for the ongoing maintenance of any signs after installed;
  • Traffic flow must be maintained at all times.

The NOSPP is available for one side of the street only (and vehicles must still park facing the proper direction of travel). Parked vehicles are not permitted to block driveways.

Should removal of the NOSPP zone be requested at a later date, the same homes must be re-surveyed, and a minimum of 75% of those homes must be in support of the removal.

On-street parking spaces within the approved areas are not reserved and shall be used on a first-come, first-served basis.

The 7 day/week, 24hour/day option is not designed to provide extended on-street parking for households with more than 2 vehicles, or to promote the use of available garage space as storage. The purpose of this option is to allocate on-street parking to those who genuinely require it, as they lack adequate off-street parking facilities.

Parking permits will not be issued.

Trade-offs to Consider

As there was a 50/50 split on whether or not to provide for long term on-street parking, some trade-offs have been identified and should be considered thoroughly. Although this process requires majority support (75%), there is a possibility that residents who have opposed to the parking zone may have vehicles parked in front of their home - despite their opposition in the first place.

Other trade-offs include:

  • Parking zone may be used by residents or visitors from beyond the households petitioned (i.e. from other streets or areas of the community);
  • Parking spaces within the zone are not guaranteed;
  • Complaints of extended parking in these zones will not be enforced by our Parking By-law Enforcement Officers.

We are interested, what do we do next?

If you are interested in participating in the NOSPP, you must first consult with your abutting neighbours to outline your request and gather the necessary support.

Your survey should be completed and returned as soon as possible. Please direct your surveys to the attention of:

Supervisor of Parking Services,
Parking Services, Transit & Traffic Department,
City Hall, Ground Floor
426 Brant Street
P.O. Box 5013
Burlington, Ontario, L7R 3Z6

Or by Fax to 905-335-7897.

If the results of the survey indicate the request meets the requirements of the NOSPP, staff will then contact the designated Street Representative to arrange the next steps.

Should the survey conclusions not support the request, the designated Street Representative will be notified in writing of our findings.

For further information or clarification on the NOSPP, please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives at 905-335-7600 Ext 7560 or e-mail: NOSPP Inquiries

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