School Crossing Guards

The City of Burlington provides school crossing guards at crossings throughout the city to ensure the safety of students crossing roads to get to and from school each weekday.

Approximately 120 guards are employed on contract from June to September each year. These dedicated individuals play a very important role in our community, working in all kinds of weather to ensure the safety of school children in Burlington.

What do school crossing guards do?

School crossing guards are legally permitted to stop traffic and assist school children across the street, by raising their stop sign. All vehicles are required to come to a complete stop and remain stopped until the children and school crossing guard have safely left the road and the crossing guard’s stop sign has been lowered.

Motorists are asked to be aware of school crossing areas and obey the school crossing guards.

Now Hiring
Apply to become a school crossing guard

The City of Burlington is hiring school crossing guards. We are looking for dedicated community leaders to help children travel safely to and from school.

The school crossing guard program offers:

  • An opportunity to enjoy regular contact with students and the public in your community
  • Extra income – crossing guards are paid for two hours of work a day at a rate of $11 per hour
  • Mileage reimbursement
  • Part time work - Monday to Friday (holidays exempt) one hour in the morning and one in the afternoon
  • Full training

Why apply?

“The best thing about the job is knowing that I’m doing a service that is appreciated. Both the parents and children have sincere gratitude towards me and my service as their crossing guard. It makes me feel good to know I’m doing a good job for these kids and that their parents don’t have to worry about them. I also like the hours. One hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon. This gives a person plenty of time between those hours to golf, shop, rest, or whatever!” - Doug H.

“I like the thought of getting up every morning with a purpose of doing a job that is so rewarding and needed in our community. Fresh air. Enjoying all four seasons at my assigned crossing location. Meeting so many nice people. It is the most rewarding job you can fulfill in so many ways.” - Doug G.

How to apply?

Call: 905-335-0172
Apply online: »

Note: Applicants selected for interviews will be required to complete a police check.


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