Strategic Planning

"Future Focus VI, Pillars for Success"

After several months of hard work and dedication Burlington city council at its meeting held on Monday, July 5, 2004, approved the final draft version of its strategic plan, titled Future Focus VI, Pillars for Success. This strategic plan is the 6th edition for the City of Burlington and builds on the successes and lessons of the city’s previous plans. It is a map for the future that establishes the direction for Burlington over the next three to fifteen years and is updated every three years with the new term of council.

Development of the plan included a comprehensive consultation process that began with a survey conducted by Ipsos-Reid that measured the quality of services offered by the city. The survey was then followed by an open house, focus groups and several presentations by local community groups. Comments received by the public were also considered as the draft document evolved.

Future Focus VI is a more strategic document that was built on the last strategic plan and concentrates on four distinct areas or “pillars” as we refer to it and outlines the vision of Burlington in the coming years.

A brief summary of the four pillars describe Burlington as:

A Leading Community, which advocates municipal interests to other orders of government and external agencies to secure sustainable funding relationships, effectively co-ordinates services, responds to growth management, strives to continually increase resident engagement in municipal decision-making and offers residents easy access to municipal information

A Liveable Community, which will retain its unique identity, its distinct rural and urban boundary, and takes action to improve the quality of air, water and land. Managed growth and development will occur within the context of environmental protection and sustainability and land use compatibility.

A Prosperous Community which encourages the continued growth of a diversified and sustainable economic base in Burlington and is recognized as a municipal leader in terms of responsible fiscal management through manageable tax rate changes and sustainable fiscal planning. As a prosperous community the city will maintain its existing infrastructure and plan for and develop new infrastructure to support economic and smart growth opportunities.

A Vibrant Community, which is safe, healthy and attractive, where residents and businesses enjoy a high quality of life and embrace their rich culture and heritage through festivals, events and community –based programs. Burlington prides itself on its active volunteer sector, strong leadership and innovative partnerships between community groups and organizations. Burlington also works to promote an efficient integrated transportation network and alternate modes of transportation.

Hard copies of the final publication will be available to the public early in September 2004 upon request and feel free to contact me if you have any questions relating to the City of Burlington’s Strategic Plan - Future Focus VI.

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