CCS Agenda - August 1, 2006

Event date: Tuesday, August 01, 2006, at 7:00 PM

CCS - August 1, 2006

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  • CC-129-06 Report recommending the write-off of unearned taxes under Section 357/358 of the Municipal Act (F-52/06, July 12, 2006 ).
  • CC-130-06 Report recommending approval of the staging the United Way Fall Kick Off Event on Saturday, September 16, 2006 (TT-44/06, July 7, 2006 ).
  • CC-131-06 Report recommending approval of the staging of the CIBC Run For The Cure charitable event on October 1, 2006 (TT-46/06, July 10, 2006).
  • CC-132-06 Report recommending revisions to the current Neighbourhood Traffic Management Policy (TT-33/06, July 12, 2006 ).
  • CC-133-06 Report recommending authorization of a new Roads Maintenance Agreement between the City of Burlington and the Regional Municipality of Halton regarding maintenance services on Regional roads located within the City of Burlington (RPM-18/06, July 14, 2006 ).
  • CC-134-06 Report providing information on the Town of Oakville/Halton Helping Hands Driveway Snow Windrow Removal Program (RPM-19/06, July 14, 2006 ).
  • CC-135-06 Report recommending approval of Burlington’s continued participation in the Halton 311 initiative (ITS-4/06, July 17, 2006 ).
  • CC-136-06 Report recommending approval of tree removals and replacements at Mainway Arena in order to accommodate the parking lot reconstruction (PR-37/06, July 11, 2006 ).
  • CC-137-06-1 Report recommending the retention of outside legal counsel with respect to the City’s Hydro Electric company and subsidiaries (L-31/06, July 14, 2006 ).
  • CC-138-06 Report recommending approval of the revised Corporation of the City of Burlington Automatic Aid/Routine Assistance and Mutual Aid/Reciprocal Assistance Agreement with the City of Hamilton (BFD-6/06, July 7, 2006 ).

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  • CC-139-06 Report concerning the 2006 – 2015 transit service review (TT-39/06, July 21, 2006 ).
  • CC-140-06 Correspondence dated July 10, 2006, from Barbara E. Teatero, Director of Museums, concerning the Museums Board’s 2005 Annual Report and an update on expansion plans for Joseph Brant Museum.
  • CC-141-06 Correspondence dated July 12, 2006, from Michelle Straka, 5883 Blue Spruce Avenue, Burlington L7L 7N7, concerning the soccer lights in Orchard Community Park.
  • CC-142-06 Report recommending the installation of parking meters on the west side of Nelson Avenue from Lakeshore Road to Elgin Street (TT-49/06, July 18, 2006 ).
  • CC-143-06 Report recommending endorsement of the hosting of the 2007 International Youth Conference (MO-2/06, July 13, 2006 ).


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