CDC Agenda - January 22, 2007

Event date: Monday, January 15, 2007, from 2:10 PM to 2:10 PM

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  • CD-3-07 Report recommending the assumption of Orchard East Phase 2 Subdivision, Registered Plan 20M-760 (E-3/07, January 2, 2007).
  • CD-4-07 Report recommending the approval of the construction of road drainage improvements on Olga Drive, Brentwood Drive, Ross Street and Alfred Crescent and that they be constructed as local improvements       (E-4/07, December 11, 2006).
  • CD-5-07 Report recommending the removal of 7 trees on Zelco Drive to facilitate water main replacements by the Region of Halton (E-5/07, December 12, 2006).
  • CD-6-07 Report recommending the assumption of Walkers Green Phase 3 Subdivision, Registered Plan 20M-712 (E-6/07, January 2, 2007).
  • CD-7-07 Report recommending the assumption of Champlains Way Subdivision, Registered Plan 20M-879  (E-7/07, January 2, 2007).
  • CD-8-07 Report recommending the assumption of Valley High Subdivision, Registered Plan 20M-898 (E-9/07, January 2, 2007).


  • CD-9-07 Report recommending approval of minor amendments to the City’s Zoning By-law 2020, as amended, in order to implement a Council-approved recommendation to expand the current Defined Parking Area boundary that will exempt non-residential uses within the boundary from the City’s parking requirements    (PL-8/07, January 2, 2007).


  • CD-10-07 Report recommending the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing be advised that the City of Burlington has no objection to an application by the RBG to revoke the Provincial Parkway Belt Regulations from 680 Plains Road West and part of 1131 Plains Road West – Royal Botanical Gardens (PL-9/07, December 19, 2007).
  • CD-11-07 Memorandum dated January 12, 2007 from Jennifer Shaw, Committee Clerk, concerning the presentation on the Hamilton Harbour Remedial Action Plan.


  • CD-12-07 Report providing an update on the Hanson Brick Ltd. Official Plan Amendment No. 51 and recommending an Access Agreement with Hanson Brick Ltd. to grant permission to locate a private communal water system within the municipal right-of-way of No. 1 Side Road from Bronte Creek to Tremaine Road (PL-2/07, January 22, 2007).


  • CD-13-07-2 Appendix A to Confidential Engineering Department Report E-14/07, dated January 17, 2007, providing an update on the King Road/Canadian National Railway (CNR) Underpass Project.


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