Safer Communities

Partnerships Toward Safer Communities LogoThe Partnerships Toward Safer Communities Program is an initiative of the Ministry of the Solicitor General and is designed to improve public safety in Ontario. This program:

  • Provides a framework for the four components of emergency management to deal with emergency situations involving hazardous materials: prevention/mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery;
  • Helps a community with assistance, advice and reference materials to supplement their emergency management program; and
  • Recognizes successful achievement by communities and industry.

A Partnership Approach

Our partners

Emergency Measures Ontario, (EMO) Ministry of the Solicitor General, is responsible for developing and implementing emergency management programs in Ontario and for spearheading implementation of the Partnerships Toward Safer Communities program in conjunction with the Office of the Fire Marshal and Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs. The program is targeted at Ontario communities where hazardous facilities are located.

How to Participate
There are three levels of emergency management in the Partnerships Toward Safer Communities Program: essential, enhanced and comprehensive. Criteria at each level must be achieved before moving to the next level.

To participate in the program, a community must form a joint co-ordinating committee consisting of industry, and citizen representatives, first responders and emergency management staff. The Committee will conduct a hazard identification and risk assessment, leading to a plan to deal with a hazardous materials emergency. Once developed, this plan should become part of the community emergency plan.

For more information on the program, please contact the Burlington Fire Department at 905-333-0772

Or visit Emergency Measures Ontario

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