Council - June 11, 2007

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Community Development Committee Report No. 11-07 draft minutes of Meeting of May 28/07.

Community & Corporate Services Committee Report No. 9-07 draft minutes of Meeting of May 29/07. 2007.

ADM-7-07 Rezoning fees for Bayview Cemetery. (F-44/07)

ADM-8-07 Appointments to the Burlington Transit Advisory Committee.(CL-12/07)

ADM-9-07 International Youth Leadership Conference.(DI-6/07)


Correspondence dated June 4, 2007 from Glenn J. Wellings, Wellings Planning Consultants Inc., 564 Emerald Street, Burlington L7R 2N8, regarding application fees for Bayview Cemetery and Crematory Inc.(CD-102-07)

Memorandum dated June 5, 2007 from Bruce Krushelnicki, Director of Planning, regarding Official Plan Amendment No. 62, residential rental conversion policies.(CC-101-07-1)

Memorandum dated June 5, 2007 from Chris Glenn, Manager of Business & Community Development Services, regarding fitness services. (CC-103-07)


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