Key Initiatives


"How We Achieve Our Vision"

Service Excellence

To strive for the highest possible service excellence given approved resources.

  • Develop an internal assessment process for our current services and programs and update operational and master plans to accommodate recommendations.
  • Update the Simplified Risk Assessment (SRA) to identify areas that may require additional or revised service delivery.
  • Further enhance the process to communicate our services and programs available to the community.
  • Further facilitate the certification of fire department personnel through participation in the Ontario Fire  Marshal's (OFM) curriculum.

Employee Development

To provide a work atmosphere that encourages our employees to participate in the growth and improvement of the department.

  • Review and identify human resource needs of the department and succession planning.
  • Undertake a review of short and long-term needs of current staff.
  • Establish talent management program that jointly meets needs of the department and the individual.

Strategic Alliances

To establish, maintain, or enhance partnerships with external agencies to ensure a cooperative approach to service delivery.

  • Investigate cooperative training opportunities with other internal and external entities.
  • Investigate partnerships with external agencies to achieve greater service excellence.
  • Work with other departments to achieve efficiencies in service delivery to the community including enhanced fire representation of various corporate committees and initiatives.

Use of Technology

To apply appropriate technological tools that ensures our ability to deliver our Mission and achieve our Vision.

  • Continue to implement and expand the use of the Joint Electronic Fact Finder (JEFF) as the departmental information and records management system.
  • Implement wireless communications to enhance emergency response and prevention (computers, radios, cell phones, PDA's, GPS, etc.)
  • Expand the use of the Internet to communicate with the public.

Advanced Training

To provide necessary training and development opportunities to personnel so they can realize their personal and team potential.

  • Develop a departmental training standard based on National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA), Internal Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA) and other guidelines and standards.
  • Assess the current training program to determine if it meets the department needs.
  • Develop and deliver a training program that achieves the department's standard.
  • Develop a records management system and quality assurance program that evaluates the department's ability to meet the standard.
  • Further define the department mentorship program through the development of guidelines and policies and the resources required to support the program.

Evaluating Department Performance

To constantly asses the performance of the Department to facilitate increased community safety and quality of life.

  • Through the City's website, develop a method to facilitate feedback from the public on the services that we provide.
  • Please complete the City of Burlington Fire Department Survey to help us improve our services to you.

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