Audit - September 19, 2007

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  • A-13-07 Report regarding the inclusion of unconsolidated financial statements in the annual reporting of the financial results for the City of Burlington (F-53/07, August 28, 2007).

  • A-14-07 Report concerning the Central Library Capital Campaign account balance (F-54/07, August 28, 2007).

  • A-15-07-1 Report recommending that the proposal from Deloitte & Touche LLP for internal auditing services be approved for the period of October to December 2007, with options to renew in each of three subsequent years (F-56/07, September 7, 2007).


  • A-16-07 Report concerning the Finance Department’s preparation of Board statements prior to the year-end audit (F-55/07, August 28, 2007).

  • A-17-07-1 Report recommending referral of the report dealing with internal audit reporting best practices to the City Manager and inclusion of the budget for internal audits to the City Manager’s Office (F-57/07, September 5, 2007).

  • A-18-07 Report recommending approval of the 2007 revised Internal Audit Program (F-59/07, September 5, 2007).

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