Responsive Community


Strategic Action


1. Burlington is an inclusive and caring community 1.1 Understand and support an increasingly diverse and aging community. 1.1.A Develop strategies to address diversity utilizing the Quality of Life for Seniors in Halton Report and Inclusive Cities Report (2006) in consultation with the community. These strategies will focus on city services and the various needs of Burlington's changing population.


1.2. Ensure city services, programs and facilities are available to all members of the community. 1.2.A In partnership with the Burlington Accessibility Advisory Committee (BAAC), develop a comprehensive multi-year Corporate Accessibility Plan.


1.3 Actively support and build capacity within the volunteer sector of the community. 1.3.A Develop a Volunteer Management Strategy to ensure a sustainable program for community volunteers.

2. City and community services, programs, parks and facilities contribute directly to the exceptional quality of life enjoyed by Burlington citizens. 2.1 Expand opportunities for residents to experience and enjoy Burlington's many parks and natural areas. 2.1.A Develop a Parks and Open Space Master Plan that includes park renewal, diversification, interconnected trail and open space strategies.
2.1.B Work closely with Halton Region, Conservation Halton and other partners to develop a long term strategy to protect, enhance and expand natural areas and parklands in the rural area.
2.2 Support and encourage health, wellness and active living by all residents. 2.2.A Explore joint partnership opportunities for the development of recreation venues including centres of excellence for sport.
2.2.B Recognize the essential role of Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital as a key partner in sustaining a healthy city and advocate for their immediate and long term needs. Work with Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital to secure additional lands for possible waterfront, municipal and hospital use.
2.2.C Develop an Active Living Strategy for the city in collaboration with the Halton Region and other community agencies and partners.
2.3 Support and celebrate the arts, culture and heritage assets and resources of the community, including international relationships. 2.3.A Complete construction of and open a new Burlington Performing Arts Centre by 2011. (Subject to 2007 funding confirmation from federal and provincial governments)
2.3.B In partnership with the Mundialization Committee, support and enhance the scope of existing twinning relations based on mutual priorities.
2.3.C Build community capacity and support the ongoing development of the arts and cultural sector utilizing the Cultural Strategy and Public Art Plan to set priorities.

2.3.D Collaborate with Heritage Burlington to:

  • Develop a community awareness program related to the importance of the city's built heritage;

  • Develop and maintain a City of Burlington heritage inventory database.

2.3.E Explore opportunities and develop plans for the preservation and integration of heritage properties important to the city.

2.3.F Continue to support:

  • The Burlington Public Library and its emphasis on enhancing literacy, learning and community connections;
  • Burlington Art Centre with an emphasis on the development of cultural tourism and programming;
  • Burlington Museums with an emphasis on re-development and expansion of Joseph Brant Museum (subject to approval of an achievable financial plan encompassing senior government funding and community fund raising); and
  • Support the establishment and development of an independent board of directors for the Burlington Performing Arts Centre.

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