Managed Growth


Strategic Action


3. Burlington will plan its development and manage its growth in preparation for the build-out of available greenfield areas. 3.1 Prepare a comprehensive l0-year strategy to plan, manage and communicate the impacts of residential greenfield build-out. 3.1.A Develop an integrated financial plan including proposed departmental service delivery priorities, related organizational design changes, and corporate human resource strategies to address build-out.
3.1.B Develop a strategic land acquisition strategy that addresses at risk or environmentally sensitive green space and other opportunities for securing access to and protection of parkland and open space.
3.1.C Work with Halton Housing Corporation, Habitat for Humanity and the Burlington Association for Community Living to establish responsible development practices leading to a range of housing choices including accessible, affordable and environmentally responsible housing opportunities.
3.1.D Establish more environmentally responsible and mixed-use development, working with local landowners and/or developers in greenfield and infill areas to create a leading residential development based on sustainable design principles.

3.2 Work to bring the city’s plans and development practices into conformity with the Provincial Greenbelt Plan and the Places to Grow Plan. 3.2.A Protect the escarpment lands, the rural countryside, prime agricultural land and the Greenbelt from urban development.
3.2.B Facilitate development that supports the use of public transit.
3.2.C Identify opportunities to achieve provincial intensification targets for residential developments within the built up area of the city while respecting the character of neighbourhoods and the quality of life in Burlington’s established residential areas.
3.2.D Incorporate Sustainable Halton recommendations into the city’s Official Plan.
3.2.E Develop strategies to respond effectively to brownfield re-development opportunities.

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