Excellence in Government


Strategic Action


11. Burlington will be recognized for its excellence in government through its effective leadership in relationships with other levels of government and through the professionalism of council and staff in the delivery of municipal services. 11.1 Work with federal, provincial and municipal governments and other agencies to contribute to improving the quality of life in Burlington. 11.1.A Continue to pursue sustainable, long-term funding opportunities offered through government programs that recognize financial and public policy needs of cities.
11.1.B Meet annually with local MPs, MPPs, the Halton District and Halton Catholic District School Boards, and the Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital to facilitate mutual interests.

11.2 Actively participate in federal, provincial, municipal and other associations. 11.2.A The city will continue to have representation and as the opportunity arises, take leadership roles in the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and the Association of Municipalities of Ontario and provide support to council and staff to become active members in their professional associations.

11.3 In the pursuit of excellence, Burlington will be recognized as an employer of choice in the municipal sector. 11.3.A Continue to develop a safe and healthy workplace that recognizes employees' personal and professional needs.
11.3.B The city will continue to recruit, develop and retain highly skilled employees.

11.4. Offer citizens, the highest degree of customer service possible with city staff adopting a "customer first" service attitude in dealing with members of the community.
11.4.A Improve services across the entire corporation with a goal of achieving the desired overall satisfaction rating of 90 per cent in the next Quality of Services Survey.
11.4.B The city will implement a customer service/relations management system and ensure clear assignment of responsibilities. Customer service will be an enhanced training priority for staff.

12. The City of Burlington will create a broader and deeper understanding of the city's programs, services and initiatives through proactive, targeted and effective two-way communications with its residents. 12.1 Ensure that council communication with residents follows plain language standards and that it is clear, consistent and meets the needs of residents and the city. 12.1.A Update the council communications protocol to define roles, responsibilities, and jurisdictions in public communications programs and consultations, media relations, and special events.


12.2 Engage citizens more effectively in council's decision-making processes. 12.2.A Explore every opportunity to raise awareness of city services through different forms of communications technology and offer additional opportunities for citizens to provide their views to council.
12.2.B Develop a council approved framework and protocol for undertaking enhanced public consultation.

13. Burlington will be prepared and equipped to respond to unforeseen and adverse events that affect our citizens. 13.1 Ensure that Burlington is a prepared community able to deal with unforeseen and adverse events that affect our citizens. 13.1.A Ensure emergency response, business continuity and crisis communications plans are completed, updated and tested on a regular basis in conjunction with other emergency responders such as Halton Region.

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