Special Joint CDC & CCS - December 10, 2007

Event date: Monday, December 10, 2007, from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM

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Staff may not be in attendance to respond to queries on items contained in the Consent Agenda. Members of Council are requested to contact the department head or author of the report prior to the meeting for any necessary clarification.

  • CC-219-07 Report providing the outcome of the Public Art Citizens Advisory Committee review (CL-22/07, November 23, 2007).

  • CC-220-07 Report concerning the levy of interim taxes for the 2008 taxation year (F-65/07, November 5, 2007).

  • CC-221-07 Correspondence dated October 24, 2007 from Barb Teatero, Director of Museums, on behalf of the Burlington Museums Board, 2168 Guelph Line, Burlington, L7P 5A8, requesting a withdrawal from the Ireland House Museum (Project) Reserve Fund to finance roof replacement at Oakridge Interpretive Centre.

  • CD-200-07 Report providing an update on proposed changes to the configuration of the Committee of Adjustment into a five person per meeting committee with a designated alternate for absences (PL-119/07, November 28, 2007).

  • CD-201-07 Report recommending the assumption of Botanicals Subdivision, Registered Plan 20M-923 (E-50/07, November 13, 2007).

  • CD-202-07 Report providing an update on changes made to Community and Planning District boundaries and names (PL-38/07, November 16, 2007).

  • CD-203-07 Report recommending enactment of By-law 118-2007, being a by-law to amend Sign By-law 34-2007, to create a special sign district for Aldershot, consistent with the Plains Road Urban Design Guidelines (B-9/07, November 16, 2007).

  • CD-204-07 Report providing an update on the negotiated City contribution with New Horizon Homes Inc. for the upsizing of a storm sewer and pavement restoration on Shadeland Avenue between Plains Road and Townsend Avenue (E-71/07, November 21, 2007).

  • CD-205-07 Report recommending approval of the tender for the Fairview Street widening from Brant Street to the GO Station in addition to the installation of a traffic signal on Brant Street at Gray’s Lane in conjunction with the servicing at the proposed Wal-Mart Building (E-70/07, November 21, 2007).


  • CC-222-07 Report recommending extension of the lease of Velocity at its current location and preparation of a business strategy for youth and teen recreation services (PR-43/07, November 26, 2007).

  • CC-223-07 Report providing information regarding a new sponsorship concept known as Sponsorship Alliances for municipal capital assets. (PR-44/07, November 22, 2007).

  • CC-224-07 Report recommending appointment of a closed meeting investigator pursuant to the Municipal Act, 2001  (L-60/07, November 28, 2007).

  • CD-206-07 Report recommending the City of Hamilton be advised that the Official Plan Amendment and Rezoning Applications submitted by Waterdown Bay Ltd. to allow an elementary school and park for lands located at 392 Dundas Street East, Waterdown, are premature (PL-116/07, November 20, 2007).

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