CDC - February 4, 2008

Event date: Monday, February 04, 2008, at 6:30 PM

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MINUTES - Recommendations to Council meeting of February 19, 2008.


  • CD-13-08-1 Memorandum dated January 23, 2008, from Jennifer Shaw, Committee Clerk, concerning the Environmental Management Team’s Quarterly Report for the period of October to December 2007.

  • CD-13-08-2 Quarterly report dated January 23, 2008, from the Environmental Management Team, providing an update on activities in the areas of corporate sustainability, community outreach and projects, future initiatives and events for the period of October to December 2007.

  • CD-14-08 Report regarding the impact for Burlington on the whole of Toronto being recognized as a tourist area permitting the retail operations to open on all statutory holidays with the exception of Christmas Day (B-1/08, January 18, 2008).


  • CD-15-08 Report recommending approval of site specific Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendments to permit a retirement community at the site of the existing long term care facility at the southeast corner of Itabashi Way and Upper Middle Road (PL-5/08, January 7, 2008).

  • CD-16-08 Report recommending approval of applications to amend the Official Plan and Zoning By-law to permit a two-storey retail development at the south-west corner of Brant Street and Leighland Road subject to specific policies, site design criteria and other conditions (PL-10/08, January 14, 2008).


  • CD-17-08 Report recommending the implementation of pedestrian access points to the new South GO Station parking lot at Masonry Court in Aldershot and authorization to enter into a cost sharing agreement with GO Transit to construct a pedestrian link (PL-11/08, January 7, 2008).

  • CD-18-08 Report recommending approval of a site plan application to permit construction of a five storey, mixed use apartment building with 90 residential units and approximately 900 square metres of commercial floor space on the ground floor for the property located at 5327 Upper Middle Road – New Horizon Homes (PL-15/08, January 7, 2008).


  • CD-19-08 Report recommending approval for construction of a new storm sewer on Greenwood Drive and Sunset Road including the installation of three rear catchbasins on easements to resolve long standing drainage concerns (E-04/08, January 14, 2008).

  • CD-20-08 Report providing an update on the progress of the Waterdown Road Interchange and recommending approval to engage the consulting firm of Phillips Engineering Ltd. to undertake the additional detailed design project (E-2/08, January 17, 2008).
  • CD-21-08-1 Report recommending approval to retain Stantec Consulting Ltd. to carry out the City of Burlington Cycling Master Plan (E-05/08, January 18, 2008).

  • CD-22-08-1 Report recommending approval for the payment of additional fees for the detailed design of the King Road/CNR underpass (E-3/08, January 17, 2008).

  • CD-23-08 Memorandum dated January 23, 2008, from Mayor Jackson, recommending approval for the City of Burlington to participate in the global Earth Hour challenge on March 29, 2008.

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