Mountain Equipment Co-op *LEED Gold Certified 2010*

  • MEC Green Building in BurlingtonBackground Information 
  • LEED Gold Certified in 2010
  • Location: Brant and Leighland Road
  • Link to staff report to council
  • Link to store website with highlights of environmental features
  • Link to case study

Energy Conservation 

  • The building is expected to be 70% more efficient than a conventional building.
  • A 56kW combined photovoltaic and thermal solar system is generating electricity which is fed back to the grid. The thermal energy heats both the building and its water. (Solar panels to generate up to 30% of the stores electricity needs).
  • MEC purchases wind-generated power to meet 100% of the buildings electrical needs
  • Thermal windows exceed current insulation requirements
  • Motion sensors in the store to naturally dim the lights to balance the light streaming in from the outside
  • High efficiency gas boilers with radiant distribution for heating
  • An ice storage system uses ‘off-peak’ electricity for cooling
  • A fan assisted displacement system with heat recovery and in floor distribution for ventilation.
  • Natural lighting is provided by means of a roof monitor and extensive clerestory windows at the perimeter of the retail floor. The predominantly T5 artificial lighting are modulated depending on the available natural light; lighting controls include occupancy sensors and dimming ballasts in naturally lit areas.

Water conservation

  • Retaining storm water for all non-potable water uses and using low flow fixtures and toilets, will result in a 50% reduction in potable water use.
  • The storm water management system is designed to accommodate a 100 year storm; rain gardens, an infiltration gallery and cisterns all contribute to this system.


  • Landscape plantings reflect regional environments and are designed to encourage bird and insect populations.

Waste management

  • The use of panelized material and mechanically fastened connections will allow the building to be deconstructed and repurposed when it reaches the end of its life.


  • Bike racks and several bike locks available to borrow free of charge
  • Preferred parking for hybrid vehicles and car co-ops
  • Small community meeting room available to accommodate local outdoor clubs, ENGOs, or NGOs that have a similar mandate as MEC. The store floor can fit larger groups, but is available only after store hours. Audio visual equipment (not including laptop computers), white boards, and flip charts available. Use of the space is free but must be booked at least one month in advance of event.
  • Green building tours can be arranged.
  • Display space available free of charge if you belong to a not-for-profit organization that has similar values to MEC, and you need a way to reach out to the local outdoor community by setting up in the Members' Den over a weekend.
  • Groups can use floor space free of charge to educate the public about current environmental or outdoor issues, or to collect public input regarding future park or government initiatives. Local clubs can also spend time here, letting people know they exist and what they have to offer. We do ask that you respect the rights of members who only want to go about their business. Space is limited, please email Cristy Wilson at for information.

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