Union Gas - Burlington Regional Centre *LEED Gold Certified 2009*

Background Information 

  • LEED gold certification received September 2009
  • Location: 4475 Mainway
  • Occupied June 2008
  • Approximately 70 employees
  • Schematic of building and highlighted features
  • Website including six minute video about the building

Electrical Features

  • High efficient fluorescent lighting
  • Reduced light pollution
  • Occupancy sensors
  • Dark yard security lighting system

Building Automation

  • Direct digital control of building’s mechanical, electrical and access systems
  • Equipment runs on schedules
  • Energy and resources construction is tracked by the building automation system
  • Remote access to the building automation control system

Water Efficiency

  • Low flow urinals and showerheads
  • Dual flush toilets (3L and 6L flushes)
  • Rainwater cistern for flushing toilets and urinals

Indoor Air Quality

  • Environmentally friendly materials and finishes (low VOC)

Construction Practices

  • Recycling of construction waste
  • Selection of materials with high recycled content
  • Selection of local materials

Co-generation System

  • Combined heat and power generation to power the building and recover waste heat for building heating
  • Micro-turbine with heat recovery
  • Waste heat is stored in a thermal storage tank
  • Power sale to grid

Building Envelope

  • Airtight building envelope with minimal thermal bridging
  • High performance window
  • Added thermal insulation in walls and roof
  • Energy star compliant roofing membrane

Mechanical Systems

  • In floor radiant heating in service shop area
  • Condensing high-efficiency boilers
  • Demand controlled ventilation complete with energy recovery

Day Lighting

  • Daylight and views for more than 75% of occupied areas
  • Improved occupant performance and productivity

Site Elements

  • Drought resistant landscaping
  • Native plants
  • Waste separation and recycling (i.e plastic, paper, metal)
  • Promote alternative means of transportation

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