Background Information

Energy Conservation/Generation

  • Walmart Fairview Geothermal imageElectricity to power the store is 100% renewable (from Bullfrog Power).
  • Geothermal (geo-exchange) heating & cooling system.
  • Radiant floor - both heating and cooling modes.
  • Refrigeration heat captured for building heating.
  • Secondary loop refrigeration systems reduce harmful refrigerants by 90%.
  • Daylight harvesting through skylights and dimmable lighting.
  • LED lighting for main logo sign, some showcases and refrigerated cases (combined with motion detectors).
  • Parking lot lighting designed to lower lighting level (2.6 foot candles).
  • Reduced embodied energy and harmful chemicals through elimination of flooring and ceiling materials in most areas.
  • White roofing membrane to reflect sun and reduce peak cooling load.
  • Store expected to be 50 to 60 percent more efficient than other stores its size.

Construction Phase

  • More than 75% waste diversion in the construction process.
  • Low VOC (volatile organic compound) construction materials used wherever possible.
  • Electrical power during construction was 100% renewable (Bullfrog).

Waste Management/Reduction

  • 100% recycled mats at the entrance to the store.
  • 85% of the store's waste will be diverted from landfill.
  • CFL recycling.
  • Reduced product packaging.

Water Conservation

  • Low flow fixtures in the washrooms.


  • 800 organic products sold in the store.
  • Green cleaning products sold in the store.
  • Close to public transit.

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