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The Parks and Recreation Department work with a variety of community groups to provide recreation, leisure and cultural programs and services in city facilities and parks. We encourage and foster a collaborative approach with various groups with a priority use of these spaces geared towards recreation, leisure or cultural interests. Secondary priority of these spaces may be given to complimentary type programs and services geared towards recreation, leisure or culture.

Options of Renting with us:

  • Facility Allocation Permit: looking for a certain timeslot at a facility based on an on-going period i.e. fall, winter, spring session, allows for multi-use of the space
  • Ad Hoc Permit: looking for a one time use of the space i.e. birthday party, social event, training workshop
  • License Agreement: looking for a certain level of exclusivity of space at a city facility, uninterrupted use of the space for the renter

The Parks and Recreation Department have a variety of spaces to be offered for both permit. These spaces range from larger rooms or auditoriums to storage spaces to general office type space.

To find out more information and details, click  How to Rent.