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PlaygroundSafe Playspaces - A Community Effort!

The replacement and upgrading of playground equipment within current City funds remains a challenge that the community can help us with. Local community groups, and School Parent Councils can help to expedite the replacement or enhancement of playgrounds in their area through local fundraising. City staff will meet with interested citizens or groups to help develop a fundraising plan for your playground. By getting involved in this way, you'll assist us in designing a playground that not only meets safety standards but reflects your community's special needs.

If you would like to discuss fundraising for your neighbourhood or would like to sponsor a playspace please call 905-335-7600 ext.7737 or e-mail.

If you notice damage to city parks please contact Roads & Park Maintenance at 905-333-6166.

Playground Safety Tips

To ensure that playgrounds are safe for our children we need to work together! Here are some safety tips from Safe Kids Canada which parents and caregivers should be familiar with and teach your children.

  • Remove cords and drawstrings on children's hoods, hats and jackets
  • Tuck in all clothing that can get caught on playground equipment
  • Wear a neck warmer instead of a scarf
  • Take off bicycle helmets before using playground equipment. Bicycle helmets can get trapped in equipment and strangle a child
  • Make sure children do not tie ropes or skipping ropes to slides and other playground equipment
  • Supervise children on the playground
  • Teach children how to use playground equipment and play safely

If you want to know more about playground safety please call toll free Safe Kids Canada at 1-888-723-3847 or visit their website Safe Kids Canada.