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The City of Burlington recognizes that playgrounds are one of the most valued assets in parks and they are an important part of the park experience for residents and visitors.   Plpark picaygrounds provide free physical activity for children and their families.  Playgrounds are designed to challenge and stimulate children and are accessible, fun and imaginative .  The City of Burlington maintains over 105 playgrounds located within city parks or on school board property. 

Over the past two decades, increasing attention has been given to playground safety and accessibility.  The City of Burlington has an ongoing commitment to ensuring that our playgrounds comply with the most current CSA safety standards.  The Parks and Open Space section replaces a number of playgrounds on an annual basis.

Playground Strategy Presentation

PLAYGROUNDS – Have your say!

Thank you for your interest in the City of Burlington playgrounds.  For this survey, we would like to consult* with you to get your feedback to ensure public ideas and concerns are understood and considered in decision making for playground improvement projects.

There are three ways to provide your feedback.  Please choose one of the survey options (questions are the same):

  1. www.LetsTalkBurlington.com  - NOW COMPLETE
  2. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CoBplaygrounds - NOW COMPLETE
  3. www.insightburlington.com - CLOSES AUGUST 2nd

If you would like follow up on this feedback survey or the playground meeting, email the City of Burlington Landscape Architect, Leslie Seal at: leslie.seal@burlington.ca or phone: 905-335-7600, ext. 7900.

*The City of Burlington uses the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) engagement method.  For this project we are looking to:

Inform = provide information to assist in understanding the topic, options, opportunities, solutions and/or decisions; and

Consult = obtain feedback on analysis, alternatives and/or recommendations.


If you notice damage to city parks please contact Roads & Parks Maintenance at 905-333-6166.

Playground Safety Tips

Supervise your child and ensure they know how to use the play equipment safely.

Teach your child the playground safety rules.

  • Wait your turn.
  • Slide down feet first.
  • Don’t go up the slide ladder until the other person has gone down the slide.
  • Hold on to railings.
  • Sit down on swings and slides.
  • Keep away from moving swings and the bottom of slides.
  • Before using the playground, remove helmets, scarves and drawstrings.
  • Remove anything that could strangle your child.  Take off any strings or drawstrings on your child’s clothing.  In winter, use clips instead of strings to hold mittens to clothing.  Your child can wear a neck warmer instead of a scarf.
  • Make sure your child puts aside skipping ropes and bike helmets before climbing  on playground equipment.

If you want to know more about playground safety please call toll free Parachute – Preventing Injuries. Saving Lives at 1-888-537-7777 or visit their website http://www.parachutecanada.org/corporate