Special CCS - October 27, 2008

Event date: Monday, October 27, 2008, at 4:00 PM

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MINUTES   Recommendations to Council meeting  of November 10, 2008


CC-148-08 Report recommending approval of the staging of the 2008 Christmas Parade (TT-55/08, October 2, 2008).

CC-149-08 Report recommending approval of the staging of the 2008 Jingle Santa 5K Road Race (TT-56/08, October 2, 2008).

CC-150-08 Report recommending approval of a replacement Council Appointee to the Campaign Cabinet for the Burlington Performing Arts Centre (CL-23-08, October 15, 2008).


CC-151-08 Report recommending approval of a seniors tax rebate under Section 365 of the Municipal Act (F-47/08, September 29, 2008).

CC-152-08 Report recommending approval for financing options for significant capital projects (F-48/08, October 9, 2008).

CC-153-08 Report presenting the Information Technology Business Strategy 2009-2011 (ITS-8/08, October 14, 2008). Appendix A  Appendix B  Appendix C

CC-154-08 Report recommending approval of reallocation of prior approved funding for capital projects within the Information Technology asset category for the 2009 proposed budget (ITS-9/08, October 2, 2008).

CC-155-08 Report concerning the Burlington Performing Arts Centre Board Development Task Force (CORPSERV-1/08, October 17, 2008). Schedule 1  Schedule 2  Schedule 3

CC-156-08-1 Report concerning the mid-term council retreat (CM-20/08, October 15, 2008).

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