City converts traffic signals to LED lights

BURLINGTON – The City of Burlington continues progress in energy conservation converting all 118 of the city’s signalized intersections to LED technology by the end of 2008.

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) convert electrical energy directly into light at a fraction of the energy consumption used by a typical incandescent light. The city will reduce overall energy consumption by 88 per cent by converting the existing incandescent light fixtures to LED fixtures. With traffic signals operating 24 hours a day every day, the energy reduction is significant. The city will save about 1,200 megawatt hours (MWh) annually. That energy saving is equivalent to the annual energy use of 120 typical Canadian homes and will reduce our corporate green house gas emissions by 200 tonnes.

The conversion to LED fixtures follows the direction of the City of Burlington Strategic Plan, Future Focus Seven, to replace all remaining traffic signals with LED fixtures and is one of the city’s many initiatives to reduce energy consumption and meet its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Additional conservation programs and initiatives include:

  • More efficient natural gas fired dehumidifiers at Appleby Ice Centre to replace existing electrical units.
  • Replacement of approximately 350 emergency exit signs in city facilities with LED fixtures in 2008.
  • Development of an energy management plan for city facilities.
  • Implementation of a green fleet transition strategy, approved by Council in 2008, using low emission vehicles, cleaner fuels and right sizing vehicles for the job.
  • Investigation of heat recovery systems for pool and domestic water through solar panels.
  • Continuing practice of Demand Response for energy savings where possible. Demand Response measures are implemented when the provincial electricity system is reaching maximum capacity. When asked, the city turns off equipment, where possible, to reduce impact on the provincial grid.

For more information about City of Burlington’s environmental programs and initiatives, please visit the city’s website at

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