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The City of Burlington offers quality social and recreational programs for children, youth, teens and adults with disabilities living in the Burlington and surrounding areas.  Our programs foster a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment that promotes individuality, acceptance and confidence in the participants.

Our qualified staff are trained to work with various disabilities and adhere to the HIGH FIVE Standards in Healthy Child Development.  Our knowledge and passion enhances and maintains the high level of quality programming for the individuals with disabilities in our community.


New to Diversity Programs?

We want to ensure that all participants within our programs are supported based on their individual needs. The City of Burlington uses specialized Intake Process in collaboration with Community Livin Burlington, to assess and determine the level of support that a participant will need within our programs. This intake process helps us to better meet your needs.

Upon registering for a City of Burlington Diversity Program, you will be contacted to set up an Intake Meeting at which you will be able to provide with all necessary information to ensure your or your child's success in our program.


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Tel: 905-335-7600 ext.6249
Email: diversity@burlington.ca

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