CCS - January 21, 2009

Event date: Wednesday, January 21, 2009, at 6:30 PM

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Staff may not be in attendance to respond to queries on items contained in the Consent Agenda. Members of Council are requested to contact the department head or author of the report prior to the meeting for any necessary clarification.

1. Memorandum dated January 6, 2009 from Lynn Robichaud attaching the Environmental Quarterly Report for the period of October to December 2008 (CC-1-09).

2. Report outlining an initiative to expand the City’s pilot evaluation of advanced catalytic converter technology on off- road equipment (RPM-1/09, December 23, 2008).


3. Correspondence from Daniel Gilbert and Lynn Taylor, 1267 Havendale Blvd., Burlington, L7P 3S2, concerning the planned installation of a sign at Mansfield Park (CC-2-09).

4. Report recommending the approval of the 2008 Outdoor Festivals and Events Annual Report and Proposed 2009 Festivals and Events Program (PR-1/09, January 7, 2009).


5. Report providing an update on the Ministry of Labour compliance requirements at Central Arena (PR-37/08, November 17, 2008).

Note: This report was included in the agenda for the December 9, 2008 Special Community & Corporate Services Committee meeting. A related memorandum dated December 12, 2008 from Rob Peachey, Manager Facilities, Parks & Open Space was distributed to members of Council on December 15, 2008. Staff will provide a PowerPoint overview concerning this item.

6. Report recommending approval of the Development Charges Consultation Committee membership for the 2009 Development Charges Consultation (F-5/09, December 15, 2008).

7. Report recommending increased set fines for parking as of April 1, 2009 (TT-1/09, January 5, 2009).

8. Report recommending reduction of the 50 km/hr speed limit on Tobyn Drive, Kilmer Drive and Forest Run Avenue to 40 km/hr (TT-2/09, January 6, 2009).


Central Park Arena modifications presentation


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