CCS March 4, 2009

Event date: Wednesday, March 04, 2009, at 6:30 PM

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Agendas, minutes and reports from previous years can be found in the City's Meeting Calendar.

AGENDA   MINUTES   Recommendations to Council meeting of March 9, 2009


  • Correspondence from Mr. Matthew Morra regarding the purchase of land located at 2030 and 2031 Springer Crescent (CC-10-09).


  • Memorandum dated February 19, 2009 from Sandra Neil, Supervisor of Marketing and Events, outlining a PowerPoint presentation on the Olympic Torch Relay (CC-11-09).

  • Report transmitting the Phase 1 – Situational Analysis Report related to the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Assets Master Plan, discussing recommended options and providing a revised critical path for the completion of the Master Plan and Site-Specific Feasibility Studies (PR-14-09Appendices A, B, C, D February 12, 2009).


  • Report recommending that alternative sites for the location of the Alton Community Centre be reviewed as part of the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Assets Master Plan (PR-12-09, February 12, 2009).

  • Report providing an overview of the opportunities, high level cost estimates and benefits of supporting Midweek Cycle Club’s Intent to Bid to host the 2011/2012 Canadian National Road Cycling Championships in Burlington and recommending support, in-principle, for this bid (PR-11-09, February 3, 2009).

  • Report recommending authorization for the Mayor and City Clerk to execute an amendment to the original Bus Services Agreement with GO Transit to reflect the sale of passes at GO Stations and to add the Aldershot GO Rail Station to the services agreement (TT-14-09, February 12, 2009).

  • Report recommending acceptance of a proposal for Fire Department dispatch solution services in conjunction with the Town of Oakville and recommending the retention of the services of a qualified Project Manager during the software program implementation (BFD-2-09-1, February 13, 2009).

  • Report recommending authorization for the Mayor and City Clerk to sign an extension agreement to the 2008 Traffic Signal Control System maintenance agreement with Fortran Traffic Systems Limited (TT-18-09, February 13, 2009).

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