Photo Opportunity - Pets Breathe Easier – Animal Oxygen Masks Donated To Fire Department

For Immediate Release - February 25, 2009

BURLINGTON, ON.- Burgess Veterinary Emergency Clinic and Invisible Fence Brand Golden Horseshoe are making a joint donation of pet oxygen mask kits to the Burlington Fire Department.

Each kit includes three re-usable masks - small, medium and large. They are different from human masks because they are made to specifically fit over the muzzle of cats, dogs, or other small pets. The mask is connected to the oxygen supply of a medical kit and adjusted to the appropriate flow rate. The pet can then breathe unassisted.

The Pet Oxygen Mask Program has being introduced in order to help respond to pet oxygen and resuscitation needs during emergency situations. Pets can be at a higher risk of smoke inhalation because they often hide during a fire. The opportunity to administer oxygen support on-site means that pets will have a better chance of survival.

The safety and preservation of human life is the first priority for firefighters at an emergency however in many situations pets are also rescued. Many times firefighters have attempted to creatively adapt other pieces of equipment to use on pets but now they will have a specific piece of equipment to aid their efforts in also saving four-legged family members.

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Members of the media are invited to attend the official presentation of the masks at a small photo opportunity where on duty firefighters will be given a demonstration of the masks with a live dog.

Date:         Thursday February 26, 2009

Time:         2 p.m.

Location:    Burlington Fire Department Headquarters, 1255 Fairview Street, Burlington

Additional contacts:
Dr. Lona Burgess or Tracy Herod 905-637-8111
Burgess Veterinary Emergency Clinic

Drew Hawkyard 905-876-1288
Invisible Fence Brand -Golden Horseshoe

Media Contact:
Ben Rotsma
Fire Prevention Officer
Tel. 905-971-4949
Fax. 905-333-1570


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