The city has 18 facilities equipped with WiFi, short for wireless fidelity, a high-frequency wireless local area network technology. This means visitors to city recreation centres, pools, and libraries can surf the Internet and work on their laptops from a variety of locations-all at no charge.

The city’s WiFi offers a secure high-speed Internet service without interruption or advertising.

WiFi locations include:

  • Aldershot Arena
  • Aldershot Community Pool
  • Angela Coughlan Pool
  • Appleby Ice Centre
  • Brant Hills Community Centre
  • Burlington Seniors’ Centre
  • Central Library
  • Central Recreation Centre
  • City Hall
  • Discovery Centre
  • Locust Street (414)
  • Mainway Recreation Centre
  • Mountainside Recreation Centre
  • Music Centre (in Central Park Recreational Complex)
  • Nelson Recreation Centre
  • Paletta Mansion
  • Tansley Woods Community Centre
  • Tansley Woods Library

The Brant Hills Library, Aldershot Library and New/Appleby Library will soon be added to the list along with other city facilities.

In 2006 and 2007, Burlington was named one of a select few Smart21 communities worldwide by the Intelligent Community Forum, a non-profit think tank that focuses on job creation and economic development in the broadband economy. Using WiFi, Burlington can also enhance city services such as field inspections, bylaw enforcement and emergency response.

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