Special Joint CDC & CCS Agenda, April 20, 2009

Event date: Monday, April 20, 2009, at 2:00 PM

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Agendas, minutes and reports from previous years can be found in the City's Meeting Calendar.

AGENDA     MINUTES      Reccommendations to Council meeting on May 4, 2009


  • Report recommending the endorsement of the current policies and procedures for temporary and permanent road closures (E-01-09), Appendix A.
  • Report recommending the assumption of the River Run Subdivision, Registered Plan 20M-903 (E-05-09).
  • Report providing information on the Province of Ontario's proposed Bill 150, The Green Energy and Green Economy Act (GEA) (PB-36-09).
  • Report recommending approval of a variance to Sign By-law 34-2007 for the property municipally known as 3100 Harvester Road - Sun Life Assurance Company Canada/Barbecues Galore (PB-38-09).
  • Report recommending the award of tender for the rehabilitation of Euston Road and improvements on Hampton Heath Road, Kenwood Avenue and Tottenham Road (E-25-09).
  • Report requesting approval to remove nine existing City trees from the road frontage of the townhouse development porposed by Branthaven Homes at 4173-4187 Upper Middle Road (PB-35-09).
  • Report requesting approval to remove a City tree from the boulevard fronting the propoerty at 179 Plains Road West (PB-37-09).


  • Correspondence from Anita Fabac, Senior Policy Advisor, Region of Halton, concerning the request to speak to the status of the Sustainable Halton Process (CD-9-09).


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