Brant Street Pier Project Update (23 April, 2009)

Brant Street Pier Project Update

With the construction season underway, the City of Burlington is providing an update on the construction of the Brant Street Pier located in the east end of Spencer Smith Park.


Activity on the Brant Street Pier construction site has been limited over the winter period due to the limited ability to work in winter weather conditions. The crane accident of August 2008 and complications following the first concrete pour in July 2008 are factors in the construction delay.

Equipment is being set up on the pier to prepare for spring construction. Components, including hand rails, docks and the beacon, are being manufactured off site.

A construction schedule for the pier is being updated and will be confirmed once a number of technical issues are resolved.


In August 2008, a crane lifting rebar steel toppled, causing considerable damage to the steel structure of the pier. Since the accident:

  • Any Ministry of Labour orders that would have stopped construction have been addressed.
  • Damage to 15 major load-carrying beams is suspected. Nine replacement beams have been ordered. The remaining six are to be inspected and reused if they meet specifications. If they do not meet specifications, they will be replaced.
  • Installation of the nine replacement beams is expected to take place in May.
  • The City of Burlington maintains that since the damage was the result of the crane accident, any costs related to inspection and replacement belongs to the contractors or their insurers.


In July 2008, following the pour of the concrete deck on the pier, the steel structure twisted, resulting in a concrete deck that does not meet specifications. Dialogue continues with respect to an acceptable remediation approach and an agreed-upon approach to the next concrete pour to ensure the same thing will not reoccur.


The project team has hired outside lawyers and technical experts to resolve outstanding contract issues. The experts have extensive experience in problem-solving related to construction projects.

The City of Burlington views the construction of the Brant Street Pier as a top priority and a project to be completed as soon as possible. Efforts are being made to substantially complete the pier by fall 2009.


For more about the Brant Street Pier, contact Tom Eichenbaum, Director of Engineering, at 905-335-7600, ext. 7795 or by e-mail at

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