Facility Locations

Purchasing often receives address requests for facilities located within the City of Burlington. The following is a list of street addresses and telephone numbers:

City Hall

426 Brant Street, PO Box 5013, Burlington, Ontario L7R 3Z6

Fire Stations

Fire Station # 1
(Known as Headquarters)
1255 Fairview Street
Burlington, ON, L7S 1Y3
Phone General: 905-637-8207
Fire Prevention: 905-637-9536
Fax General: 905-333-1570

Fire Station # 2
2300 Upper Middle Road
Burlington, ON, L7P 5A9
Phone: 905-335-5597

Fire Station # 3
1044 Waterdown Road
Burlington, ON, L7T 1N3
Phone: 905-637-0952

Fire Station # 4
711 Appleby Line
Burlington, ON, L7L 2Y6
Phone: 905-634-5101

Fire Station # 5
2241Kilbride Street
Burlington, ON
Phone: 905-335-5135

Fire Station # 6
455 Cumberland Avenue
Burlington, ON, L7N 3V7
Phone: 905-639-6577

Fire Station # 7
4100 Dundas Street
Burlington, ON, L7R 3X4
Phone: 905-315-9808


Other Facilites

Aldershot Pool
51 Fairwood Place
Burlington, ON, L7T 2B7
Phone: 905-637-5688

Animal Control Centre
2424 Industrial Drive
Burlington, ON, L7P 1A5
Phone: 905-335-3030

Appleby Ice Centre
1201 Appleby Line
Burlington, ON, L7L 5H9
Phone: 905-331-7465

1005 Skyview, Princess Park
Burlington, ON
Phone: 905-332-9415

Brant Hills Community Centre
2255 Brant St.
Burlington, ON L7P 5C8
Phone: 905-335-7720

Centennial Pool
5151 New Street
Burlington, ON, L7L 1V3
Phone: 905-639-5722

Central Recreation Centre
519 Drury Lane
Burlington, ON, L7R 2X3
Phone: 905-634-5571

Coughlan Pool
2425 Upper Middle Road
Burlington, ON, L7P 3N9
Phone: 905-335-7000

Girls' Gymnastics Centre
710 Maple Avenue
Burlington, ON, L7S 1M6
Phone: 905-637-5774

Ireland House Museum
2168 Guelph Line
Burlington, ON, L7P 2T4
Phone: 905-332-9888

Joseph Brant Museum
1240 Northshore Blvd E.
Burlington, ON, L7S 1C5
Phone: 905-634-3556

Kilbride Community Centre
2175 Blessington Street
Kilbride, ON
Phone: 905-335-7738

Kiwanis Arena
494 Townsend Avenue
Burlington, ON, L7T 2B2
Phone: 905-637-3555

LaSalle Park Pavillion
50 Northshore Blvd East
Burlington, ON
Phone: 905-639-0877

Mainway Arena
4015 Mainway Drive
Burlington, ON, L7M 2L7
Phone: 905-336-1877

Mountainside Arena/Pool
2205 Mt. Forest Drive
Burlington, ON, L7P 1H4
Phone: 905-332-6060

Municipal Court Office
2051 Plains Road E
Burlington, ON, L7R 5A5
Phone: 905-637-7854

Music/Drama Centre
2311 New Street
Burlington, ON, L7R 1J4
Phone: 905-335-7808

Nelson Arena/Pool
4235 New Street
Burlington, ON, L7L 1T3
Phone: 905-637-2552

Paletta Lakefront Park
4250 Lakeshore
Burlington, ON, L7R 2G2
Phone: 905-632-7809

Roads and Parks Maintenance
3330 Harvester Road
Burlington, ON, L7M 3N8
Phone: 905-333-6166

Rotary Youth Centre
560 Guelph Line
Burlington, ON, L7R 3M4
Phone: 905-637-8886

Senior Citizens' Centre
2285 New Street
Burlington, ON, L7R 1J4
Phone: 905-335-7888

Skyway Arena
129 Kenwood Avenue
Burlington, ON, L7L 5L3
Phone: 905-632-1717

Tansley Woods
1996 Itabashi Way
Burlington, ON, L7M 4J8
Phone: 905-332-1996

Transit Yard
3332 Harvester Road
Burlington, ON, L7R 3Z6
Phone: 905-335-7767

Tyandaga Golf Course/Clubhouse
1265 Tyandaga Park Drive
Burlington, ON, L7P 1N1
Phone: 905-336-0006




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