Special CDC June 1, 2009

Event date: Monday, June 01, 2009, at 6:30 PM

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AGENDA      MINUTES     Recommendations to Council Meeting on June 15, 2009


1.   Report recommending approval of site specific zoning regulation amendments to facilitate the redevelopment of
      the Appleby Mall plaza with six new freestanding retail and office buildings. (PB-49-09), Appendix2A,
      Appendix2B, Appendix2C, Appendix2D (Available upon request)
2.   Report recommending approval of site specific Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments, and an application 
      to revoke the Parkway Belt Regulations for the properties located at 1410 to 1424 Plains Road West – Burlington
      Paving Co. Ltd. (PB-42-09)
3.   Report recommending approval of amendments to the Official Plan and Zoning By-law to update and clarify
      Official Plan Amendment 55 (OPA 55) and its implementing Zoning By-law 2020.205. (PB-39-09Appendix1&2


4.   Report recommending changes to the Delegation of Authority By-law to reflect recent changes to the
      organizational structure of the Planning & Building Department and current and proposed heritage planning
      processes. (PB-46-09)
5.   Report recommending the City enter into a license agreement with Mayrose-Tycon for the purpose of permitting
      temporary public access to the waterfront promenade site at 2042, 2048 and 2058 Lakeshore Road. (PB-51-09)
6.   Memorandum from Jennifer Shaw, Committee Clerk attaching the Region of Halton request for a resolution giving
      consent to Regional By-law No. 24-09 to prohibit smoking within nine metres from any entrance or exit of
      buildings owned or leased by the Region or its local municipalities. (CD-11-09) Attachment



Appleby Mall presentation by staff
Appleby Mall presentation by consultant
Parkway Belt Regulations presentation by staff


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