Burlington Transit Operations Centre

BTransit building imageBackground Information:

  • Location: Harvester Road, Burlington
  • Target: LEED Silver Certification
  • Official reopening: December 2010
  • The expansion of the operations centre was part of a transit operations centre revitalization project that aimed to renovate and expand the existing 42,860 square feet to 70,822 square feet (3,982 square metres to 6,580 square metres).
  • Funding for this $8.6 million project was made possible through the Federal Infrastructure Stimulus Program. Through this program the federal, provincial and municipal government all contribute one third of the funding.
  • City breaks ground on Transit Operations Centre expansion. Media release.


  • Report providing a status update on work completed on the Burlington Transit operations centre renewal and expansion project. (TR-22-10)
  • Burlington Transit Operations Centre Renewal and Expansion Project – Recommended Additional Items, TT-55/09
  • Design and Tender of the Transit Operations Building Expansion, TT/46/0
  • Burlington Transit Operations Centre Renewal and Expansion Project – Contract 09-36, TT-36/09
  • Burlington Transit Operations Centre Renewal and Expansion Project, TT-27/09
  • Environmental Initiatives Quarterly Report

Green Features:

Energy saving measures

  • Reflective roofing used in the new additions to reduce the effect of the sun’s rays

Water saving measures

  • Storm water management: swales to control water and bioswales/landscaping to treat water
  • Water use reduction: no irrigation of landscape, dual flush toilets, and waterless urinals

Waste management/reduction

  • 50 – 75 per cent of construction waste diverted from landfill
  • Construction materials from regional sources to reduce transportation costs and emissions
  • Green housekeeping program utilizing Green Seal certified cleaning products and high recycled content disposable materials
  • Recyclable depots throughout building


  • Public transport access
  • Indoor bus storage will reduce idling and harmful emissions
  • Use of certified wood
  • Improved indoor air quality: carbon dioxide monitoring, 3 week flush out at completion of construction, and copier rooms exhausted to outdoors
  • Low VOC adhesives and sealants, paints and coatings, and carpets
  • Ozone Protection: HFC 134A or Isotropic blend
  • Enhanced community awareness through educational signs and tours

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