CDC, September 14, 2009

Event date: Monday, September 14, 2009, at 6:30 PM

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AGENDA    MINUTES   Recommendations to Council Meeting of September 28, 2009


1. Report recommending approval of an application for a variance to Sign By-law 34-2007 for lands at 1960 Appleby
    Line (Emshih Upper Appleby Inc.). (PB-73-09)
2. Report providing the status of the Reserve for Contingencies as at June 30, 2009. (F-48-09)


3. Report recommending approval of application to amend Zoning By-law 2020 to permit additional commercial and
    hospitality uses and to recognize additional outdoor storage. (PB-64-09)


4. Report recommending endorsement of amendments to the Economic Development Strategy and outlined
    economic development goals, objectives and targets. (CD-17-09Appendix)
5. Report recommending approval of the process to address property owner’s request to remove properties from the
    Municipal Register. (PB-03-09)


Zoning By-law amendments (staff presentation)
Economic Development Strategy amendments (BEDC presentation)
Process to address property owner's request to remove properties from the Municipal Register (delegate presentation)

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