On-demand video streaming of select committee meetings now available online

For Immediate Release - Sept. 22, 2009

BURLINGTON, ON – Burlington residents can now watch Community and Corporate Services and select Budget and Strategic Planning committee meetings on the Internet via a video stream available on www.burlington.ca

This pilot project uses video streaming technology, accessible by clicking on the committee webcast link found on the homepage, and allows online viewers to watch select committee meetings within 24 hours of the meeting time.

“More than ever, people are turning to the Internet for news and video content," said Mayor Cam Jackson. “This is an ideal way for connecting with people and council wants to find more opportunities to communicate with taxpayers. With this pilot project, residents now have the ability to view committee meetings at their convenience. Video streaming will provide information with the hopes of increasing interaction with council as we listen to people’s opinions and concerns. Civic engagement starts with being better informed.”

Municipalities across North America are introducing on-demand video as a key communication tool on their websites. The City of Burlington is piloting this new initiative for the next six months. For more information please contact Robert Hagley, supervisor of creative services, 905-335-7600, ext. 7494 or e-mail hagleyr@burlington.ca


Communications Contact:
Monika Rejnowicz
Communications Associate
Tel. 905-335-7600, ext. 7879
Fax. 905-632-9082
E-mail rejnowiczm@burlington.ca

Media Contact:
Robert Hagley
Supervisor, Creative Services
Tel. 905-335-7600, ext. 7494
Fax. 905-632-9082
E-mail hagleyr@burlington.ca


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