Residential building (apartment / condominium) fire drills.

The frequency of fire drills is governed by the Ontario Fire Code (OFC, 2.8.3). The frequency of required fire drills in residential apartment buildings is typically determined by the building’s height. In a low-rise apartment building such as the one you have described (3 storey, 16 units) a fire drill is required to be conduct at least once annually (OFC, In a high-rise apartment building (which is typically 7 storeys or greater) a fire drill is required to be conducted at least once every three months (OFC,


There are several checks, tests and inspections which are required to be performed on fire alarm systems in accordance with the Ontario Fire Code and referenced fire alarm Standards. I have listed some typical fire alarm maintenance requirements below for your reference, however, depending of the building’s specific system, some of these requirements may not be applicable:

  • Check fire alarm A/C power and trouble lights (daily),
  • Inspect fire alarm batteries (monthly),
  • Test fire alarm system (monthly),
  • Test fire alarm system using qualified personnel in accordance with CAN/ULC–S536 (annually).


The owner / property manager is responsible for conducting fire drills and maintaining the building’s fire protection and life safety systems (such as the fire alarm system) in accordance with the Ontario Fire Code.


For your information, a free copy of the 2007 Ontario Fire Code is available online at:


If you require additional information, please contact Fire Prevention at or call (905) 637-9536.


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