2010 Approved Budget


One of the most important tasks for council each year is the city’s annual budget. Budgeting is really about planning. We must balance the provision of quality services while maintain property taxes at a reasonable and affordable rate. These web pages are designed to keep you up to date about the 2010 budget that council is now considering and to give you background information to help you understand Burlington’s budget and history.

The 2010 process is different from last year. We’ve started by focusing on the big impacts and making strategic decisions about what staff should consider as they develop the details over the next few months. Then, early in 2010, we’ll focus on the details and make the final budget decisions for 2010. Like you, we must balance the budget.

Your input is particularly important to us so please have your say by attending one of the public meetings or completing the web survey that will be posted later this year. With a set amount of funds, the city must constantly evaluate services and how they’re provided. We set priorities, make tough decisions and keep a close watch on costs. Your input will be considered when we make the final budget decisions in February or March 2010.


2010 Current and Capital Budgets and 2011-2019 Capital Budget


City of Burlington Strategic Plan


2010 Proposed Current Budget Book


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