Zoning By-law Amendment Decision Process

1) Notice of Public Meeting

  • The neighbouring property owners are sent a letter inviting them to a Community Development Committee Meeting (CDC);
  • The Notice of Public Meeting will explains how members of the public can register to speak at the meeting.

2) Community Development Committee (CDC)

  • CDC meetings take place on Monday evenings. Staff describe the proposal and the issues raised in the planning report;
  • Members of the public who have registered to speak, make presentations about their concerns or support for the application;
  • CDC will discusses the proposal and vote on it;
  • CDC will make the decision whether to approve, modify, or refuse the application.

3) Council Meeting

  • Burlington's City Council reviews CDC's decision approximately one week after the CDC meeting;
  • Members of the public can register to speak at the Council Meeting or submit comments about the proposal;
  • Council will discuss the proposal and vote on it.

4) Notice of Council Decision and Appeal Period

  • Anyone who has sent in comments, spoken at a CDC and/or Council, or has asked to be kept informed about a proposal, will receive a notice of Council's decision. The notice includes information on how to appeal the decision to the Ontario Municipal Board.
  • Appeal priod is 20 days and starts from the date of Council's decision.
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