Parks, Recreation and Cultural Assets Master Plan approved by Council

The Parks, Recreation and Cultural Assets Master Plan was approved by council Dec. 14, 2009. The master plan serves as a strategic framework to guide planning and capital budgeting of parks, facilities, recreation and cultural services for the next 20 years, with a focus on the first 10-year period.

“The City of Burlington is committed to promoting healthy lifestyles, expanding opportunities for our citizens to experience and enjoy Burlington’s many parks, natural areas and wide range of recreational programs. By updating our Parks, Recreation and Cultural Assets Master Plan we enable the public to help shape the future direction of our many magnificent parks,” says Mayor Cam Jackson.

As part of the planning process, a series of site specific planning studies were conducted for the Alton community centre and library, Mountainside Park and facilities, and Sherwood Forest Park. The results of these studies have been integrated into the overall master plan.

“I would like to thank residents for coming out to our consultation sessions and providing us with valuable feedback. I would also like to thank staff for their hard work and professionalism in delivering this master plan. It has been a long process, but the end result is a solid document that provides the city with a road map for the future of our parks, recreation and cultural initiatives,” says Scott Stewart, general manager of community services.

The plan is also responsive to many changes and evolving interests, needs and diversity of our community with changes in the demographics as the city approaches build- out. It identifies recreational interests that come with these changes, to ensure that opportunities in Burlington continue to support the high quality of life that residents enjoy. In addition, it forms a set of guiding principles that aims to provide a wide array of recreational opportunities for Burlington residents that are inclusive and accessible to all.

While it addresses aging infrastructure, the plan also recognizes the significant efforts and investments that have been made over the past decade to enhance services to the community. It also recognizes a very progressive partnership model with Burlington Public Library, the school boards, local sports associations and the public which has expanded the number of leisure opportunities within the community.

Other areas of interest include providing quality sport opportunities to support programs of excellence, maximizing the potential of an extensive park and open space network, environmental initiatives, as well as the development of sport and cultural tourism strategies.

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