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A Friendly Update From Your Summer Camp Staff:

Thank you for an amazing Summer! :)

We hope to see you all Soon. Do not forget to check out our Fall, Winter & Spring programs.

tell us how we did! your feedback is always appreciated and helps us to continue offering quality programming.

Safe...Inclusive...Play...A quality camp experience!

Our camps are for every kid, of every interest, and are located all around the city. Our summer camps are age-appropriate, educational, affordable and most of all FUN. All the program leaders know how to create healthy, and nurturing environments. Additionally, they receive HIGH FIVE training on the Principles of Healthy Child Development as well as First Aid training. If your child is between the ages of 3-21, sign them up for camp, and they'll benefit from the 6 C's: Creativity, Cooperation, Commitment, Competence and Confidence in a Caring environment. Not to mention, Crafts, other Children, and Clean air...

For the Summer of 2014, programs begin on Wednesday July 2. If you have not registered yet check out our Live & Play Guide for different camp opportunities and sign up to have some fun.



City of Burlington Playgrounds: The City of Burlington would like to keep members of the Community informed and involved. Click here for information about upcoming plans for City of Burlington Playgrounds.

Camps Refund Policy: If you withdraw from a program up to 10 days prior to its start date, you will receive a full credit or refund. If you wish to withdraw from a program 9 days or later, providing that it is before the start date, a cancellation fee will be applied. Cancellation fees are calculated as 10% of the program costs. Please note that no refunds will be granted after the program start date.