Official Plan Amendment Process

1) Preconsultation Meeting 

  • Submit a Preconsultation Form;
  • Meet with staff from the City of Burlington and the Region of Halton to discuss proposal;
  • Applicant will be advised of planning applications required and whether background studies will be needed.

2) Application submitted

  • Sumbit a complete application to Burlington's Planning Division, including the required fees and background studies;
  • A sign must be posted on the property describing the proposed development;
  • Planning circulates application for comments to agencies and City departments ;
  • Planning makes a recommendation that City Council either approve, modify, or refuse the application.

3) Neighbourhood Notification

  • Properties located within 120 metres of the subject property (300 metres in the Rural Area) are sent notices;
  • Neighbours are invited to send written comments in whether by mail, fax or e-mail;
  • A neighbourhood meeting may be held to review the planning process and the development proposal with members of the public.

Further information about the Planning Process and how to get involved.

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